Dot Card Games

Dot Cards Game

Dot cards are a deck of fun cards with different numbers of dots organized in many ways. Dot cards help children practice important early math skills: reciting number words in the correct order, counting with one-to-one correspondence, cardinality, subitizing, and recognizing written numerals. There are lots of ways to play…

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Shape Card Games

Shape card games

Our deck of shape cards and our set of shape card games helps children practice skills that lead to success in math! When playing shape card games, children pay attention to mathematical attributes, including shape, number, and color. They also practice their executive function skills by taking turns and remembering…

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Two Numbers Games

Two numbers game

Building children’s number fluency is important in the early years and our Two Numbers games can help! When playing Two Numbers games, children are recognizing written numerals, arranging numbers in the correct order, and practicing early addition skills. To play, lay out a set of numeral cards and have children…

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How Many are Hiding? Games

“How many do we have? Now close your eyes and I will hide some. Open your eyes! How many are hiding?” You can play How Many are Hiding? in many different ways! Use an assortment of items (fingers, pennies, stuffed animals, toys, or even people) and hide them with your…

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Number Path Games

Lily pads

Our Jumping on the Lily Pads number path game helps children develop a mental number line. In this game, children take turns rolling a dot cube and moving their frog (or any token or game piece) along a lily pad game board. The goal of the game is to have…

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