Math Games

These fun and easy to use math games are designed for children ages 3 to 6-years-old. Some games are quick and use everyday materials; others use a game board for more extended play. All of our games can be played multiple times and their difficulty can be increased or decreased to target a “just right” level of challenge for children as they gain proficiency.

The games foster children’s persistence, problem solving, puzzling, and strategy selection skills. Together, they focus on the Big Ideas in Early Math! including counting, numerical operations, algebraic thinking, geometry, and spatial skills. The games are also designed to promote children’s mastery motivation, executive function, and social-emotional skills.

One effective family math strategy is to play a math game in the classroom and then send it home for children to play it again with their families. Children are proud to share – and teach – something they learned in school to others! This also gives families a chance to learn more about the learning that is happening in the classroom.

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Dot Cards Game
Dot Card Games
Dot cards are a deck of fun cards with different numbers of dots organized in many ways. Dot cards help children practice important early math skills: reciting number words in
How Many are Hiding? Games
“How many do we have? Now close your eyes and I will hide some. Open your eyes! How many are hiding?” You can play How Many are Hiding? in many
Pattern block puzzles
Pattern Block Puzzle Games
Creating designs with pattern blocks — those multicolored trapezoids, hexagons, and triangles that are a mainstay in many preschool classrooms — is a great way for children to build their
Pattern Games
Patterns repeat in a regular way that helps you predict what comes next. Patterns are in song, dance, poetry, art, buildings, nature, and numbers. These materials provide some different ways
Two numbers game
Two Numbers Games
Building children’s number fluency is important in the early years and our Two Numbers games can help! When playing Two Numbers games, children are recognizing written numerals, arranging numbers in
Lily pads
Number Path Games
Our Jumping on the Lily Pads number path game helps children develop a mental number line. In this game, children take turns rolling a dot cube and moving their frog
Shape card games
Shape Card Games
Our deck of shape cards and our set of shape card games helps children practice skills that lead to success in math! When playing shape card games, children pay attention
Articles, books, and toys that can serve as reference materials.