About Memory Game (numbers)

The goal of this game is to use your memory to match pairs of cards that have the same numbers on them.

Game Materials

Shape Cards, Directions

What's the math in this game?

The memory challenge in this game supports children’s executive function skills. Children need to remember where they saw a particular card (working memory) and they also need to take turns (inhibitory control). Say the numbers out loud after every card flip. For example, “This is a three card. This is a four card. No match!”

Download Directions for Memory Game (numbers)

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There are 60 cards in the shape card deck. The cards have the numerals 1-10 on them along with one of six shapes: circle, triangle, square, rhombus, rectangle, or hexagon. There are also four Wild Shapes cards in the deck — these cards have all six shapes printed on them.
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