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The goal of this game is to sort pattern blocks into multiple shape sets.

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What's the math in this game?

This is a simple sorting game that helps children see that items can be sorted and sorted sets can be counted and compared. Because each pattern block shape is a different color, children could sort the pattern blocks by shape or color and get the same results! See if children notice this overlap. After sorting by shape, you can ask, "What would happen if we sorted the pattern blocks by color? Would we get the same results or different? Why do you think that is?"

Download Directions for Shape Sort

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Print these 3 sets of Animal Puzzles. ●Set 1 (Beginner): Color Puzzles (puzzles with shape and color clues) ●Set 2 (Intermediate): Shape Puzzles (slightly more challenging puzzles without color clues) ●Set 3 (Extra Challenge): “How many ways?” (most challenging puzzles without shape or color clues)
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