Anno’s Counting Book by Mitsumasa Anno

This beautiful illustrated book invites children to look closely to find all the ways the illustrator has integrated number into the drawings. The first page is zero—an empty winter landscape—and nothing to count. The next page is 1—one tree, one bird, one house. The next page is 2—two buildings, two trucks, two children, two men, 2 trees, and the clock is at 2 o’clock. As you turn each page notice the clock tower marking the hours, the number of blocks on the side of the page, and how the seasons change. Each page also corresponds to the months 1 to 12. Children can find mathematical ideas from the very simple to the complex in this book and can look at the pictures over and over again. Your class could create their own bulletin board like a page in Anno’s Counting Book, making 5 of a variety of their favorite objects. There are more ideas about how to bring out the math in this book on the last page.