About Number Path Games

Number path games, when played like board games, are ideal for helping preschool children learn math. These games build children’s understanding of early math concepts, such as counting and comparing numbers, while giving them experience with a valuable math tool—a number path. Having experience with a visual model like a number path will help preschool children be prepared for kindergarten and later mathematics learning.

Materials Needed

Lily Pad Boards, Number Cubes or Dice, Directions

What's the math in these games?

There is advanced mathematics hiding within this game, making it a great way for children to stretch their math muscles. Teachers and parents can play an important role by asking questions, such as, “Who is further ahead?” and “How many more spaces does the frog have to jump?”

Play a Game!

Print this game starting with the 1-5 game board then try the 1-10 board. For extra challenge, add game boards for higher number paths.
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