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Dance, jump, clap, crawl, search, and draw! All of the games in this kit get children moving while they are learning math skills. For example, in the Obstacle Course games, children crawl under the table, step over the pillows, and walk around the bookshelf to practice connecting spatial words to movement. In the Jumping on the Lilypad game, children roll a die and then jump that number of spaces along a number path on the floor (or jump a toy frog along a tabletop number path) to be the first to land in the pond! In Dance Patterns, children create patterns like stomp, clap, stomp, clap, stomp, clap—and try to extend or copy other people’s patterns. In Shape Dance, children dance around shape outlines and when the music stops, they find and stand on the shape that is described. In Shape Hunt, children use clues to find a shape that matches—Which shape has no corners? A circle! Try these games to get kids moving while learning math.

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What's the math in these games?

Hearing, learning, and using spatial language helps young children develop the spatial skills they need in elementary school. These games encourage mapmaking, which is a fun skill for preschoolers to practice! Help children learn what maps are by pointing out the maps at bus stops, in stores, and in parks.

Print this game starting with the 1-5 game board then try the 1-10 board. For extra challenge, add game boards for higher number paths.
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