About Number Jump

To play, first present children with a number. You can hold up that number of fingers, say the number out loud, or write the number on the board. Then, have the kids jump that number of times while counting their jumps out loud.

What's the math in this game?

This game helps children practice counting to a certain number. See if they can count in the correct order and if they are able to synchronize their counting with their jumping. For an extra challenge, make a counting mistake and see if children can help you fix it. When you make a mistake, it helps children think about same, more, and less. It also shows them that counting mistakes happen, and that’s okay!

Download Directions for Number Jump

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Print this game starting with the 1-5 game board then try the 1-10 board. For extra challenge, add game boards for higher number paths.

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Number Jump (English)
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Number Jump (Spanish)
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Number Jump (Portuguese)
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