About Games with Cards and Dice

Children love playing games where they get to arrange cards and roll dice, and many of the games in this kit have both. The Count and See Cards included in this kit have both the numeral and the dice pattern printed on them, which encourages children to associate the written numeral on the card with the quantity of dots in the dice pattern. In these games, children practice putting the cards in order and learning that 4 comes after 3 and before 5, which helps them to build a strong understanding of the number sequence. In later games, children can roll two dice and add them together to turn over cards, building their early understanding of number operations such as addition and subtraction. In developing these materials, we found it was most helpful when teachers introduced a game or a minibook in the classroom and then sent the materials, directions, and the minibooks home for children to play and read with their families. Children are proud to share—and teach—what they learned in school. Then, children can come back to the classroom and share what they learned at home.

Materials Needed

varies by game
Two Numbers Cards, 2 number cubes with 1-3 dots, Two Numbers Board, 2 dice, Tokens, Directions

What's the math in these games?

Children love playing games where they get to roll dice. And dice provide so many ways to support early math skills—children can practice recognizing how many dots when they roll the die, they can match the dot pattern to a written numeral, and they can roll two dice to add them together.

You can play these games with a deck of cards or a game board. Print and cut out the deck of cards or print and play on a game board.
Game Kits Coming Fall 2021!

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