About Games with Cards and Dice

Building children’s number fluency is important in the early years and our games with cards and dice can help! For example, when playing Two Numbers games, children are recognizing written numerals, arranging numbers in the correct order, and practicing early addition skills.

Materials Needed

varies by game
Two Numbers Cards, 2 number cubes with 1-3 dots, Two Numbers Board, 2 dice, Tokens, Directions

What's the math in these games?

Developmentally appropriate math games are playful and interactive, engaging children’s attention and sparking their curiosity. Activities that tap into this natural enthusiasm promote strong mathematical thinking.

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Games with Cards and Dice

You can play these games with a deck of cards or a game board. Print and cut out the deck of cards or print and play on a game board.
Game Kits Coming Fall 2021!

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