About Roll One 1 to 6

The goal of this game is to turn over all of your cards by matching the number rolled on the die to your cards.

Game Materials

Two Numbers Cards, 1 number cube with 1-2 …dots, Directions

What's the math in this game?

See how players are matching the die to cards! Some might match the dots on the die to card numerals, while others might match the dot patterns on the die to the same dot patterns on the cards. If children match by dot pattern, be sure to label the set size of the dots (for example, "three dots"). This game can be played competitively or cooperatively. To play cooperatively, players can share one set of cards and take turns rolling the die.

Download Directions for Roll One 1 to 6

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You can play these games with a deck of cards or a game board. Print and cut out the deck of cards or print and play on a game board.

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