These fun and easy to use math games help young children learn to count, identify patterns, and develop their number sense and spatial skills, all while building positive attitudes toward math. Some games are quick and use everyday materials; others use cards or a game board for more extended play. All of our games are designed for children ages 3 to 6-years-old and their difficulty can be increased or decreased to target a “just right” level of challenge.

Focusing on the Big Ideas Of Early Math

Young children are natural mathematicians! Explore some of the math skills they’re building every day here:

Understanding Game Difficulties


Our starter-level games are great for very young children or children who are just beginning to explore math games. If you’re not sure what game level your child is ready for, try a starter-level game and see if it’s easy, difficult, or just right.


Our intermediate-level games give children lots of fun practice with math, memory, and following game rules (like waiting for your turn).

Extra Challenge

Once children are older or more experienced with math games, they’ll love to challenge themselves with an ‘extra challenge’ game. These games use higher numbers and ask extra challenging questions.

Now Read This! Math Mini-Books

Our printable math mini-books complement the math games in short stories and play-along activities. At the end of each mini-book, there is a note about the key math concepts featured in the book, an explanation of why the skills are important for young children’s math development, and a suggested future activity that continues to reinforce the math learning.