About Pattern and Sorting Games

Sorting objects by their attributes and noticing patterns are some of the ways that children instinctually make sense of their world. Children love to sort collections by the attributes that the objects have in common—color, size, use, feel, and more. The sorting games start with a simple Yes/No Sort and become more advanced with the game Mystery Rule, where children try to guess some else’s sorting rule. The pattern games invite children to notice and create patterns by playfully creating, copying, extending, fixing, and transferring patterns. These games encourage children to see the patterns that are all around us. When you pay close attention, you will find patterns in song, dance, poetry, art, buildings, nature, and numbers. Patterns repeat in a regular way—once you recognize a pattern structure, you can predict what comes next.
For this game all you need are your hands and fingers! Nothing to print but the game directions.
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