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Knowing the name of a geometric shape is just the beginning of understanding the details about it, just like remembering a person’s name is only a small part of knowing that individual. It’s important for children to look carefully at the characteristics of a shape, understand which attributes define it, and investigate its similarities to and differences from other shapes. Shape puzzle games use pattern blocks. Pattern blocks are a common preschool math tool. They include multiple copies of six different shapes: a green equilateral triangle, a yellow hexagon, and four quadrilaterals—an orange square, a red trapezoid, a blue rhombus, and a beige narrow rhombus. As children play with pattern blocks, use geometric language when you talk with them.

Materials Needed

Pattern (Shape) Blocks, Puzzle Boards, Directions

What's the math in these games?

These activities help children see the world as being made up of shapes and also prepares them for later mathematical ideas. As children play these games and play with pattern blocks, using geometric language with children supports their understanding of shape and shape attributes.

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Shape and Puzzle Games

Print these 3 sets of Animal Puzzles. ●Set 1 (Beginner): Color Puzzles (puzzles with shape and color clues) ●Set 2 (Intermediate): Shape Puzzles (slightly more challenging puzzles without color clues) ●Set 3 (Extra Challenge): “How many ways?” (most challenging puzzles without shape or color clues)
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