About Same But Different

The goal of this game is to notice and talk about how two objects or pictures are the same and how they are different. For more, check out www.samebutdifferentmath.com, get additional Same But Different cards and explore the book Same But Different Math by Sue Looney.

What's the math in this game?

Encourage players to use as many words as they can to describe what they see - smooshed, turned, side, corner, straight, colors, and so on. Some children might start out by pointing to what they notice about same and different. You can model how to use words to describe what they're pointing to. For example, "Oh, you're noticing that this triangle looks more stretched and narrow, but the other one looks like it has three sides that are the same length."

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Print these templates and invite children to playfully create, copy, extend, fix, and transfer patterns!

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