Family Math

Math is all around us, but sometimes families need support or ideas to engage their child in fun, everyday activities that help strengthen math knowledge and confidence. Check out our family math resources and have fun playing with math!

What is Family Math?

Family Math refers to activities that happen within the context of family relationships, the community, and everyday life that support young children and families to strengthen their math awareness, understanding, and confidence. Families can support their children’s math learning in fun easy ways, by playing math games, playing with puzzles, even sorting the laundry!

Family Math Videos

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EDC Talks: Making Time for Family Math (English)
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Numbers, Numbers, 1, 2, 3 (English)
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The Power of Family Engagement in Math (English)

More Family Math Resources

Printable Mini-books

Print and read these books together with your child to help build a math mindset.

Math Picture Books

Find links to wonderful children’s books that help nurture a growth mindset.