About Shape Bingo

The goal of this game is to get Bingo! Players get Bingo by having tokens covering a full line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) on their Shape Bingo Card.

What's the math in this game?

This game helps children connect shape names, like “hexagon” and “triangle,” with what the shapes look like. As children search their Bingo Cards for a particular shape, they are identifying the shape in all different configurations (e.g., flipped and rotated). This helps children recognize that a shape is a shape because of its attributes. For example, a triangle is a triangle because it has three straight sides, even if it’s upside down!

Download Directions for Shape Bingo

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Print these 3 sets of Animal Puzzles. ●Set 1 (Beginner): Color Puzzles (puzzles with shape and color clues) ●Set 2 (Intermediate): Shape Puzzles (slightly more challenging puzzles without color clues) ●Set 3 (Extra Challenge): “How many ways?” (most challenging puzzles without shape or color clues)

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