About The Exact Match

The goal of this game is to observe the attributes of a shape and identify its exact match from a pile of shapes.

Game Materials

Shape Cards, Directions

What's the math in this game?

Exact match activities help children notice the attributes of objects. With practice, children can use their knowledge of attributes to sort and compare sets of objects and even to create patterns! Try to make exact matches using many different types of items, like socks in the laundry or treats in a trail mix. Make sure children explain the match using attribute words. For example, “the chocolate chips match because they are small and pointy on top and the peanuts match because they are ovals.”

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Print these 3 sets of Animal Puzzles. ●Set 1 (Beginner): Color Puzzles (puzzles with shape and color clues) ●Set 2 (Intermediate): Shape Puzzles (slightly more challenging puzzles without color clues) ●Set 3 (Extra Challenge): “How many ways?” (most challenging puzzles without shape or color clues)
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