Printable Mindset Mini-books

These printable mini-books are useful in the classroom and for children to take home to read with parents. They are printed in black and white and with plenty of white space for children to color them and make them their own. All of our mini-books include a note to parents on the back page. Each mini-book uses a single sheet of paper, printed or copied double-sided. See our guide for how to print, fold, and cut mini-books.

Keep Trying

Keep Trying

Keep trying! You might not be able to do it yet, but if you keep practicing you will get it. This is the message in the mini-book Keep Trying. Using the context of learning the monkey bars, the two sisters show that learning something new can be hard, but that’s when we learn the most. Researchers have found that when people believe that they can develop their abilities or intelligence through effort and persistence they have a “growth mindset,” and tend to achieve more than people who think they can’t do much to change their abilities. New brain science also tells us that when we try to do new or challenging things our brains grow!

Grow Your Brain!

Science confirms that our brain grows when we challenge it. The Grow Your Brain mini-book shows a boy challenging himself to do a harder puzzle and how that makes his brain stronger and smarter even if he makes mistakes while working on it. Even when we make a mistake, the challenge results in growth, especially when we try to fix our mistake. Encourage your child to exercise their brain by trying challenging activities and encourage them even if they make a mistake.