Transform early math learning

Over 50 math games to give children lots of practice
developing their early math skills.





Number Recognition


Spatial Skills

Spatial Skills


Early math skills strongly predict later academic success

Children are natural mathematicians, engaging in counting, sorting, and identifying patterns from an early age. But they need lots of practice to develop these skills.

Hungry Numbers
Count See Play

Effective math practice for children 3–6

Many families know, “read to your child 20 minutes a night,” but they may not know the best ways to support their child’s early math skills. YM Games are a quick and fun way to make math a part of everyday life.

Children love games

Children learn through play and are often eager to play our math games over and over again.

Lily Pads
Lily Pads

Grow a love for math

YM games can be played in just a few minutes. Our games use simple materials and can easily be adjusted to be more or less challenging depending on what a child is learning.

What Educators and Families Say
About Young Mathematicians

Each Game Kit Includes

  • Materials to play the games
  • Game instructions in English and Spanish
  • Tips for playing math games and talking about math with children
  • Math Minibooks for reading with children
Pattern Blocks


In our research, we’ve found that children who played at home and school learned more math than children who just used the games at school. Importantly, for all children, the more games they played, the higher their math scores by the end of the year.

In a separate study, we found that educators’ attitudes toward, understanding of, and comfort with teaching math improved significantly. Educators felt significantly more confident supporting families to engage in math and more confident teaching math.

Families were more interested in and less anxious about math. Families also felt more knowledgeable and more comfortable doing math with their children.