Example of how to

Play Make 5

1. Get the Dot Card Kit

Open up your Dot Card Kit and take out a pack of Dot Cards.

The deck of Dot Cards contains cards with 0 to 10 dots in different configurations.

Dot Card Games

It also contains cards with numbers 0 to 10 to help children connect the numbers
to the quantities of dots as they play our games.

2. Learn to Play

Watch the game video.
Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Play Video


Read the game instructions.
Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

3. Play and talk about math

In Make 5, you put down cards from 0 to 5.
You and your child take turns trying to find pairs of cards that Make 5.

This game only takes a few minutes to play, but children get lots of practice learning to Make 5.
This is an important step to building addition and subtraction skills.
While you play, you can point out that combinations like 2 and 3, 4 and 1, and 0 and 5 always make 5.

To learn more, visit the Make 5 Game Page or explore our other games:

4. Adjust the difficulty

With younger children, you can play Make 3 and with older children you can play Make 10 or Make 20.

Make 10