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The goal of this game is to quickly identify two cards that match by number or shape.

Game Materials

Shape Cards, Directions

What's the math in this game?

Children are practicing flexible thinking when they examine cards by both number and shape. If two cards don't match by number, they might still match by shape! Flexible thinking is an important executive function skill for young children to practice. In this game, players need to be quick, but they also need to be sure! If a player shouts "SNAP" and their cards don't match, the other players get to keep the cards.

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There are 60 cards in the shape card deck. The cards have the numerals 1-10 on them along with one of six shapes: circle, triangle, square, rhombus, rectangle, or hexagon. There are also four Wild Shapes cards in the deck — these cards have all six shapes printed on them.

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