About Which One Doesn’t Belong? (Dot Cards)

The goal of this game is to find a card that does not belong among a set of cards and explain why it doesn’t belong.

Game Materials

Dot Cards, Directions

What's the math in this game?

This game encourages children to practice subitizing. As they practice, explain how chunking dots into groups can make it easier to subitize. For example, chunking 2 dots and 2 dots helps you see that there are 4 dots. This game also helps children practice cardinality: "how many in all." Across the three dot cards, children comparing “how many dots in all” and identifying which cards are the same and different.

Download Directions for Which One Doesn’t Belong? (Dot Cards)

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To print at home: There are 7 types of cards in the dot card deck. Each type of dot card can be printed separately on colored paper. We have suggested these colors in the directions, but you can use any paper available to you. For example, you can use blue paper to print the blue circle dot cards.

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